Dark and Bright Cave is located in Lan Ha bay area, the cave wins hearts thanks to its wild and mysterious beauty with a beautiful stalactite system. The unique scenery here will make tourists unforgettable. Dark and Bright Cave has long become a prominent tourist destination attracting the attention of many visitors. The cave is impressive because tourists will only be able to travel by a small boat to explore the cave. This article will introduce to you some interesting information about Dark and Bright Cave!
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Where is Dark and Bright Cave located?
Dark and Bright Cave has a prime location at the intersection of Lan Ha Bay and Halong Bay. The cave is located close to Cat Ba National Park, known as one of the prominent tourist attractions, so it is very convenient on the journey to explore the beautiful scenery.

With such a terrain, to reach the Dark and Bright Cave, tourists can book an overnight or day cruise to get the most poetic experience. After arriving at the Dark and Bright cave, visitors can also enjoy the feeling of discovery when rowing a bamboo boat or kayak to go deep into the cave. The size of the cave is quite small, so only these types of boats can help you get inside the cave properly.

Why should you visit Dark and Bright Cave?
Coming to the Dark and Bright cave, you will have the feeling of immersing yourself in majestic nature with extremely diverse vegetation. Going along the Bright and Dark cave, visitors can also admire the romantic valley, surrounded by the presence of mountain ranges like a solid protective wall. It can be said that this place is a harmonious combination of trees, leaves, clouds and sky, making the space green and cool, bringing comfort and relaxation to the soul. Just sitting on the boat, admiring the charming landscape, enjoying the fresh air and the chirping of birds is enough to dispel all the pressure and fatigue of work and daily life.
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What is beautiful about Dark and Bright Cave?
Bright and Dark Cave, as the name suggests, consists of two parts: Bright Cave and Dark Cave. Dark Cave is quite dangerous so depending on the actual situation of the tide, visitors can visit it. Bright Cave has a shorter length and receives sunlight all year round. There is only one way to explore Bright Cave, which is by small boats. When passing through the archway area, you will be extremely surprised to see a calm lake surrounded by rocky mountains. Coming here, visitors will feel like they are lost in another world like in a fairy tale.

Some notes when traveling
If you intend to visit Dark and Bright Cave, you will likely encounter some dangers when the tide rises, so you need to pay attention to a few points to ensure your safety. If you do not have river experience, you should hire a local boat driver, usually 5-7 passengers/boat. The wild scenery is unique, so you should bring a camera to save beautiful pictures. Besides, don't forget to wear life jackets!

In case you love adventurous activities, you can also choose to kayak during the trip. Each boat can accommodate 2 people, rowing together will create solidarity and a strong, good emotional connection.
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Dark and Bright Cave is a tourist destination that makes tourists unable to leave. Therefore, why hesitate to have a fun trip to this place, right? Don't forget to share your thoughts about Dark and Bright Cave with us.