Travel to Hai Duong, you will come to the land of famous people in military, literature, medicine, etc. Visiting Hai Duong once will make you want to come back a second time to live again, along with the simplicity of life here, listening to the sounds of the cool green mountains and forests.
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When should you travel to Hai Duong?
Hai Duong is a land with a climate that changes clearly in four seasons that you can easily feel. Based on the travel experience of many people, you should travel in the autumn, because this is the most beautiful and pleasant time to explore the scenery here.

An ideal choice in your Hai Duong travel guide is to go in the summer. At this time, the hills and mountains are greener, the streams are clearer, and especially Hai Duong also has the famous Thanh Ha litchi for you to enjoy.

Means of transportation to Hai Duong
There are many ways for tourists to get to Hai Duong. You can refer to the following:
- Train: There are only daytime trains from Hanoi and Hai Duong, so please pay attention when buying tickets.
- Passenger bus: You can catch a bus to Hai Duong at bus stations with ticket prices ranging from 50,000 - 70,000 VND
- Motorbike: Hai Duong is only 57km from Hanoi, so you can drive your motorbike here in about 1.5 - 2 hours.
- Public Bus: Every 15 minutes there will be a bus from Hanoi to Hai Duong.

Where to stay when coming to Hai Duong?
A little advice is that you should book a room at a hotel or motel in Hai Duong before arriving. Some hotels you can refer to are: Con Son Cong Doan Hotel, Huu Nghi, Con Son Lake Guest House, Military Guest House...
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Tourist destinations in Hai Duong
Some suggestions for tourist destinations for you when coming to Hai Duong:

Con Son relic site
One of the beautiful scenes you cannot miss in your Hai Duong travel guide is the Con Son relic site. The relic site located between two ancient mountain ranges, Phuong Hoang and Ky Lan, records traces of the lives of many historical heroes such as Tran Nguyen Dan, Nguyen Trai, Huyen Quang... This is also the Buddhist center of the sect. Truc Lam Dai Viet Zen sect. This place includes a complex of many cultural relics in the middle of a charming mountainous area.

Con Son Pagoda
The pagoda is located right at the foot of Con Son mountain, built during the Tran dynasty. The pagoda was built in the Cong style architectural style with three parts: Tien Duong, Thien Huong, Thuong Dien... In the pagoda, there are currently Buddha statues from the Le Dynasty up to 3 meters high.

Gieng Ngoc (Pearl Well)
Legend has it that the Jade Well was a dream given by the gods to Zen master Huyen Quang to give precious water to the pagoda. The water in the well is clear and cool. When drinking, it feels strangely refreshing and pleasant.

Fairy chess board
Located on the 200m high peak of Con Son Mountain, Tien Chess Board is a large stone slab shaped like a chess board. On the top of the mountain there is also Vong Lau communal house for visitors to see the scenery on all four sides.

Thach Ban
Legend has it that this is where Nguyen Trai rested to recite poetry or think about state affairs.

Kiep Bac Temple
If you come to Con Son, you must definitely visit Kiep Bac. This temple with majestic and poetic beauty is the place to worship the talented general Tran Hung Dao.

Chu Van An Temple
Chu Van An is a famous teacher of Vietnam. That's why his temple in Chi Linh district is always visited by students and scholars to pray for wisdom and fortune. Chu Van An Temple is pure, curled up in the middle of a vast pine forest filled with good spiritual energy.

Chi Lang Nam stork island
Chi Lang Nam stork island is considered a "unique" ecosystem in the North. This is the home of 15,000 storks and 5,000 cauldrons. Coming to stork island, visitors will be amazed by the flocks of white turtles tilting on the surface of An Duong lake, extremely beautiful.
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What to eat when coming to Hai Duong?
What specialties does Hai Duong have? Let's explore Hai Duong's culinary!

Banh Dau Xanh (Green bean cake)
This is Hai Duong's own specialty cake that everyone knows about. Banh Dau Xanh has a bright yellow color, a cool sweet taste, and is very smooth and easily melts in the mouth. Coming to Hai Duong, you can buy a few boxes of Banh Dau Xanh as gifts for family and friends.

Banh Gai Ninh Giang (Ninh Giang gai cake)
The most delicious gai cake is Banh Gai Ninh Giang. Banh Gai is made from pounded glutinous rice flour and gai leaves to create an attractive black color.

Thanh Ha lychee
Sweet Thanh Ha lychee is a product that can only be grown in Hai Duong.

Above is the Hai Duong travel guide that anyone should equip themselves with before their trip to experience traveling to this land.